EY 2 Mars Monthly Assembly

This month, February 2018, EY 2 Mars had a regular monthly assembly. This time, EY 2 students had fun with their parents. Since we applied a problem-based learning which is still in line with Inquiry-based learning as the learning approach, we created a related activity in a fun way. First we provided some molding clay, it was limited, and only 20 pieces of toothpicks for each group. With those things, the parents and their children had to create an object in 5 minutes. The molding clay and the toothpicks should be enough for one creation. That is why creativity was a must this time.

The result? Just see the photos below. Here are the evident of the fun time we had together!

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  1. It was exciting to attend this Learning Celebration. It was amazing to know that those young children could plan and arrange this event, they are so creative. Well done children!

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