1718 Grade 2 Sharing The Planet (March – April 2018)

Unit Of Inquiry (UOI)

Central Idea:

Life cycles support the balance of nature.

Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts: Cycles, Adaptation, Balance

Lines Of Inquiry:

Patterns of growth

Factors that support the continuity of life cycles

Ways we can maintain the balance of nature



to make a poster on how to prevent pollution

  • create an attractive heading
  • add with details
  • Include pictures or diagram
  • Add slogan

Bahasa Indonesia

Mendengar dan Berbicara (connection):

  • Memahami isi pesan dari video pendek tentang Nilai-Nilai Pancasila
  • Mengungkapkan pikiran dan perasaan mengenai Nilai-Nilai Pancasila

Membaca (connection): Memahami isi teks pendek mengenai Nilai-Nilai Pancasila

Menulis (connection): Menulis dialog


Listening and Speaking:

  • Listen attentively and speak appropriately about nature
  • Listen attentively and speak appropriately about nature with correct pronunciation and tones.


  • Read word and sentences about nature in hanyu pinyin with correct pronunciation and tone
  • Read chinese radical with correct pronunciation and tone
  • Read chinese characters with correct pronunciation and tone


  • Can write hanyu pinyin about nature
  • Can write chinese character

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Shows a life cycle through an animation


Shows a life cycle through an animation

  • adds frames.
  • draws steps of the animation.
  • colours images.



Length, mass and volume

  1. Measures the length of objects using standard units meter and centimeter
  2. Draws straight lines of given length in cm
  3. Relates m to cm
  4. Estimates and measure lenght of objects in the surounding area
  5. Measures the capacity of containers using standard units liter and mililiter
  6. Estimate and measure capacity of objects in the surrounding area
  7. Measures the mass of objects by using standard units gram and kilogram
  8. Estimates and measure mass of objects in the surrounding area

Solves problems involving measurement

Shape and Space:

2D and 3D Shapes (Compound Shapes)

  1. Names and describes basic 2D shapes (semicircle and quarter circle)
  2. Draws circles, semicircles and quarter circle with given radius or diameter
  3. Forms 2D figures with cut-out of rectangle, square, triangle, circle, semicircle and quarter circle
  4. Names and describes basic 3D shapes (cone and pyramids)

Forms and describes different 3D figures with combination of concrete models such as cube, cuboids, cone, cylinder, ball and pyramid

Visual Art (VA)

Make a watercolor painting of life cycle:

able to mention a sample of life cycle

able to draw one and put it in nice composition

able to use watercolor technique


Play songs using airwave:

  • Learn all the notes of the notes  in airwave
  • Play the song with steady tempo


  • Imitate the notes while playing airwave.
  • Sing with steady tempo
  • sing with basic movement. (optional)

Accompany songs using percussion:

  • Tap the tempo of the song.
  • Add rhythm to the song, starting from simple one.
  • Play the rhythm while singing, with steady tempo.

Physical Education (PE)

Students will learn how to throw and catch correctly:

  • Students will learn how to throw with the direction and distance specified
  • students will learn how to throw and catch a ball while running

Religion: Christian

Sekolah dan lingkunganku: menerapkan hidup rukun disekolah dan lingkungan agar terjadi suasana damai dan harmonis.

  1. Menjelaskan pengertian rukun
  2. Mengidentifikasikan  sikap dan perbuatan hidup rukun dan tidak rukun
  3. Menceritakan kisah persahabatan Daud dan yonathan.
  4. Menjelaskan makna yang terkandung dalam kitab Mazmur 133
  5. Menceritakan kisah kehidupan Yusuf dan saudara saudaranya

Religion: Catholic

Memahami dan mengekspresikan sikap hidup yang beriman kepada Allah:

  • menyebutkan contoh sikap beriman dan melaksanan perintah Allah
  • menjelaskan makna beriman berarti berbuat demi Allah dan melawan godaan dan hambatan

Religion: Hinduism

Menceritakan tokoh-tokoh yang dharma dan adharma dalam cerita Ramayana:

  1.    Menyebutkan tokoh-tokoh cerita Ramayana
  2.    Mengidentifikasi tokoh-tokoh Ramayana yang dharma dan adharma
  3.    Menceritakan kembali secara singkat bagian kanda dalam ramayana

Religion: Buddhism

Mengenal Tentang Kisah Kasih Sayang:

  1. Menceritakan tentang Kisah Kasih Sayang
  2. Menjelaskan cara menyayangi makhluk hidup
  3. Menjelaskan manfaat memiliki Kasih Sayang

Religion: Islam

  • Memahami Doa sebelum dan sesudah wudhu
  • memahami tata cara shalat dan bacaannya
  • mengenal doa sebelum dan sesudah wudhu
  • terbiasa berwudhu
  • shalat itu tiang agama
  • tata cara shalat dan bacaan tertentu


  • Library’s book cycle
  • Students will learn pattern of library’s book cycle from shelves to circulation return books drop.
  • (procedure check out/in book)

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