Mini Excursion to Citra Niaga Garden

‘Sharing the Planet’ is the current unit in EY 2. The central idea is that plants sustain life on earth and play a role in our lives. Before this unit started, there was an activity created to find out about the role of plants in general.

Our tuning-in activity was to take our students to Citra Niaga Garden. We wanted to find out why plants were necessary for the people.

On March 5, 2018, the teachers escorted the students to experience different places with trees and without trees. This was in line with our learning approach, which is Inquiry-based learning and problem-based learning.  We’ve been working collaboratively to encourage students to be curious and come up with the answers of the problems.

By doing this they experienced the differences of being in outdoor space with trees and without trees. The students found the problem and the solution together. By the end of the unit, they have knew that more trees needed to be planted, to stop deforestation and campaign about these issues.   

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