Eency Weency Spider and Fly Fly the Butterfly

          During March, the Baby Gym students focused on activities about insects. We did yoga sessions after the ‘Good Morning’ song. Students imitated some poses.

         We used a few new songs this month. They were Eency Weency Spider, Kupu-kupu yang Lucu and 12345 Jump. Students furthered their learning experiences in the ‘Obstacles’ game. Students practiced their gross motor skills by jumping onto the foot step, walking around in the big octagon donut, sliding in the foam stairs, crawling through the main-gym and bumping ball racing.

           In our mystery bag, we had art and craft activities to develop their fine motor skills. Students stacked lady bug spot and decorated a butterfly. We also had a story-telling activity about a new spider web. They learned about insects, including, spiders. They learned about what a spider is when they sang the song “Eency Weency Spider” in Bahasa. They were really enthusiastic.

           In closing, students played flashlight, gift wrap and soft ball in a parachute. They enjoyed these activities very much. 





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