Review: Tall, Long and Short

            On Monday, 19th of March 2018, toddler students reviewed  the concept of “long, tall and short” to have deeper understanding. We created tall and short trees on the wall. And they are huge! So when we showed the trees to the kids for the first time, they looked amazed that their fallen leaves can turn into a huge tree! We use the trees as the comparison. After that, we continued with a hands-on activity where the kids created their own necklace and bracelet using large beads. We also use the necklace and bracelet as the comparison. We’ve done this activity before and did this lacing activity again since we believe this kind of activity can improve their fine motor skills as well as their focus. Some are able to focus, some take time to complete the lacing because they didn’t seem interested to do it. However, more practice will improve this skill.

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