Excursion to Museum Nasional and Museum Bahari

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On Wednesday, March 7 2018, all grade 4 students and teachers went to Museum Nasional, Jakarta Pusat and Museum Bahari, Jakarta Utara for excursion to support our learning on Unit of Inquiry: Where We Are In Place and Time with the central idea “Exploration leads to discovery and develops new understanding”.

We visited Museum Nasional earlier in the morning. Students are very happy to explore the museum since it is very cozy and well organized. It seemed like as comfortable as a mal. We explored the museum in two big groups with one tour guide each. We learned about Indonesian explorers, the history of Indonesian exploration, and the authentic proof of the exploration.

Next, we went ahead to Museum Bahari, Jakarta Utara. We ate our lunch there, too. The museum is near the Ancol seashore. We went there to learn about some most known world explorers who came to our country for gold. They did trading, like traded some stuff with spices. We also saw some kinds of ships used for the exploration and an effective diorama, like a statue of the explorer in any supporting situation and their names, period, and reasons for exploration. We also smelled the spices clearly.

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We went back to school at 2 o’clock and it was so traffic. We spent around 3 hours on the way, it was so tiring.

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