Student-Led Conference (SLC)

Before the mid term holiday of Semester 2, we held the Student Led-Conference on Friday, 23 March 2018 and Saturday, 24 March 2018. Students are given opportunity to present their learning progress to their parents. There are several activities to be shown, such as:

  1. UOI: Performing blood circulation on the circulatory system poster and performing acting skill for a play.
  2. Mathematics: Measuring and drawing angles; solving multiplication facts using lattice diagram.
  3. ICT: Creating video scribe and map.
  4. BSI: Mendeskripsikan denah.
  5. Mandarin: Singing “Kuai Le Tian Tang” and mentioning food vocabulary in Mandarin.
  6. English: Writing sentence of the day; improving the verb, adding adverb, etc.
  7. PE: Swimming and sport activity in futsal court.
  8. Music: Playing pianika or singing.
  9. Visual Art: Creating parchment paper or straw mosaic.

We also provide them portfolio corner where they can discuss their works with their parents. Moreover, our religion teachers also provide religion corners so that they can show their ability in religion subject, too.

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