1718 Grade 3 – Mathematics (February – April 2018)

The mathematics lesson in this unit will cover about:

Fraction (Equivalent Fraction):

  1. Finds equivalent fractions of a given fraction
  2. Compares and orders related fractions
  3. Solves problems involving fractions



  1. Uses km and mm as units to measure length
  2. Relates between units of measurement: km and m, m and cm, cm and mm.
  3. Solves problems involving length


Perimeter and Area of 2D figures:

  1. Determines the perimeter of plane figures.
  2. Finds perimeter of rectangles and squares
  3. Learns about the concept of area to measure space
  4. Determines the area of plane figures using cm2 as a unit of area
  5. Determines the area of rectangles and squares
  6. Finds area of larger space using units of area like m2 and km2.
  7. Determines the unknown side of squares or rectangles, given its area or perimeter
  8. Determines the area and perimeter of composite figures made from squares and rectangles
  9. Solves problem involving perimeter and area of rectangle and square

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