1718 Grade 3 – Where We Are in Place and Time (February – April 2018)

An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; and the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives

Central Idea:

The earth’s physical geography determines the way it is explored and where settlement can be established

Key Concepts:

Form, Change, Connection

Related Concepts:

exploration, geography, settlement, modification

Lines of Inquiry:

1. Geographical features

2. The connection between geographical features, exploration, and settlement

3. How geographical features are modified to support settlement

Summative Assessment:


To know different geographical features and different settlement

Understanding :

To understand how to explore the geographical features for settlement

Situation :  

You are an explorer and you are going to build a settlement in a certain landform

Content :

1 Mention the characteristics of 1 geographical feature

2 Explain ways how to explore and modified the geographical feature for settlement (individual)



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