Fun Activities in the 1st week of April

           On the first week of April 2018, toddler students go back to school happily after one week off. The looks on their faces tell that they were so excited to go back to school. We started the first day of school by doing loads of fun activities. On Monday, the kids learn to imitate lines, circles and dots. On Wednesday, they learned phonic sounds (/p/ ; /r/). We made the learning more fun for them by making another artwork. They decorated rabbit ears with paint. And on Friday, again, the kids learned to imitate lines, circles and dots with flour and coffee powder on the tray. They loved to do it and most of them can make lines, circles and dots pretty well. After that, we practiced kicking a ball outside. Everyone was enthusiastic to try! Practicing this activity more often with your child at home is important to help develop their fine motor skills. Well done, everyone!

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