Fruits are my Bestfriends :)


            This week 9 and 12 April 2018, to support our current UOI “How the World Works”, toddler students learned how plants especially fruits contribute to our lives. The kids now know that we grow fruits as healthy food that they can enjoy everyday. As the learning experience, On Monday, we made fruits salad with pineapples, strawberries, pears and some mayo with milk. We really encourage them to eat the fruit salad. We also introduced flowering plants to the kids using a time lapse video showing them that some particular fruits start from flowers and how they turn into fruits.

        On Wednesday, toddler students learned about sense of taste in which we introduced  the four basic tastes “sour, sweet, salty and bitter”. They explored tastes by tasting some sugar, salt, coffee powder and strawberries.  We encouraged them to try a little bit of each. After that, we watched a video of how Bananas grow from flowers to fruit. At the end, toddlers made an artwork using collage technique to create bananas. We had loads of fun learning experiences this week! YAY! Great job, everybody!

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