Expert Visit – Where We Are in Place and Time

Grade 3 students were having an expert visit last Monday/ 9 April 2018, to find out about how people modify the geographical feature to support the settlement. The expert who explained about this matter is someone who is really familiar to the students. He is… Pak Handoko!!! Yeaaayyy…students were really excited learning from pak Handoko about the ways that people do when they are modifying the geographical features to support the settlement. Pak Handoko showed some videos of site clearing, site draining, hill cutting, and also reclamation. To make it more concrete for the students, Pak Handoko also showed the development of Kemang Pratama area since it was only swamps. Then, Pak Handoko also showed how he modified the land before he built Sekolah Victory Plus. It was a great explanation, and the students learned a lot of things. Thank you Pak Handoko.

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