Discovery Museum

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Celebrations of learning are more than a display of student worked. It used to show students understand about all things that they have learned and  reflection how they learned.
Grade 4 students, have done a learning celebration on Wednesday 18 April 2018. They made an opportunity to let parents, teachers and other students know about famous explorers and exploration in the world. This learning celebration was part of Students’ Summative Assessment task in this Unit (UOI 4 – Where We are in Place and Time). They have learned about reasons of exploration, famous explorers and the impact of exploration to the world. They had to ask and answer questions related to exploration, conduct research and analyze the strength and challenges of each explorer. Students also need to explain about their future exploration. 

Students became statues in this Museum. They provided displays about the explorers’ explanation and acted as different famous world explorers. Students wore costumes to represent their chosen explorers. They explained their explorations to the visitors. 

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