How’s the weather today?

During April, the theme for the Baby Gym students was the weather. They learned about two seasons, namely the dry and rainy seasons. The songs that they sang in the circle time were: “You are My Sunshine”, “Pelangi”, while swinging a stick that was covered with a colorful ribbon and Rain, “Rain Go Away”.

In the first week, they learned about the dry season. The activity that they did was playing hide and seek using the parachute.  The students looked for and found the teacher hiding somewhere. In the second week, they explored the rainy season theme while singing “Tik Tik Bunyi Hujan” to reinforce the concept. Beside that they glued umbrella pictures onto black paper as their art and craft activity. They were encouraged to take their projects home.

Baby Gym students also imitated yoga movements, such as: standing, swaying, dragon, tree pose and many more. During the obstacles course, they practiced in crawling on the tunnel, doing forward rolls on the mat, jumping on the trampoline, stepping bean bags through the ladder and playing scooter. They were very happy to do all these activities. 

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