Fun Activities on the Last Week of April

           This week, 23 to 27 April 2018, to support our current UOI “How the World Works”, toddler students learned about the roles of fruits in our lives. On Monday, we introduced to the kids that fruits are a food resource in our lives. Moreover, we also discussed about the benefits of eating fruits daily. The kids now know that fruits make us healthier and stronger, fruits make us bigger and taller, and fruits make us smarter. The teachers asked some related questions to stimulate their thinking skills and their answers are surprising! After the discussion, we made some breakfast together which is cereal, fruits (grapes, bananas, and mangos), and some milk. They prepared it themselves in a bowl hoping that it’ll make them more independent and they can do the same at home. Some of them don’t like fruits, but we really encourage them to taste it.

           On Wednesday, we practiced phonic sounds /t/ and /w/. Young kids learn best with songs and rhymes, so we always sing the phonic rhymes together with them. Some can repeat and sing along. Kids also learn easier with real objects, so we showed objects start with the beginning sounds /t/ and /w/. There are whale, wool, watermelon, watch, tiger, turtle, truck and tree.

          On Friday, we had storytelling session with the kids. This time we read a book tittled “The Little Red Hen” which is about a hen who found an ear of corn in the farmyard. She then planted, watered it and milled it in her windmill so she can use the corn flour to bake some bread. It was a good story. And the kids were interested and engaged to the story. After that, we did some sport in the playground. To improve their gross motor skills, the kids practiced propelling wheeled riding toys. We had some kind of race in the playground and everyone enjoyed it! Great job, kiddos!


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