Toddler Excursion to Kuntum Farmfield Bogor

         On Monday April 16th 2018, toddler students went on a field trip to a farm. Visiting a farm field is an ideal way for city children, particularly SVP students, to understand and connect with where their food comes from. We visited Kuntum Farm field in Bogor where the kids could find farm animals and explore plants more than they do at school. It’s a perfect place for toddler kids to experience catching fish, feeding farm animals and harvesting some vegetables. The kids experienced the natural world in a new and engaging way. The place is designed to connect children with the natural environment through all the activities it offers. They had an opportunity to interact with some farm animals such as, cows, goats, rabbits, sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, birds and guinea pigs. They even got a chance to pick the eggs from the chicken cage. The kids also tried to plant the lettuce and harvest some cassavas. Catching fish in a fish pond was also exciting for the kids. They seemed really enthusiastic doing all the activities there with their moms. It was such a great experience for them!

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