The Weather All Around us

       During third and fourth week of  April, the theme for the Baby Gym students was still about ‘The Weather’. They learned about four weather, namely the sunny, rainy, windy and cloudy day. We did yoga sessions after the ‘Good Morning’ song. Students enthusiastically imitated some poses that were demonstrated by the teacher. Among them were the Deep Lunge, Dragon Pose, Twisted Dragon Pose, Half dancer, Double Dancer and Elevator.

        In the third week, they explored the sunny day theme while singing “Mr Sun”, and we did art and craft to develop their fine motor skill, we made rainbow using pipe cleaner and play-dough to reinforce the concept . In the fourth of week, they review the weather all around us, they pointed all the weather using weather chart with teacher’s instruction after playing the obstacles game.

       As part of their learning experiences in the ‘Obstacles’ game, students practiced their gross motor skills by doing monkey movements under a monkey bar, creeping ,forward roll, jumping on the trampoline, crawling in the tunnel,  and balancing by walking through the edu beam.  In closing, students played parachute while  making “popcorn” movement  and put the softball in the basket ring. They enjoyed these activities very much.

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