Matters in Mandarin

Mandarin lesson for EY2 students this week, we reviewed about solid, liquid, and gas objects in mandarin. And this week we learned the instructions: Please sit down, Sit well, and Stand up in Mandarin. And drew things which are considered as solid, liquid,and gas in Mandarin

Mandarin Word for EY2:

气求                Qì qiú                        Balloon

铅笔                Qiānbǐ                        Pencil

汽水                Qìshuǐ                        Soda Water

牛奶                Niúnǎi                        Milk

钟                    Zhōng                        Clock

胶水                Jiāoshuǐ                   Glue

请坐                Qǐng zuò                 Please sit down

坐好                Zuò hǎo                  Sit well

站起来            Zhàn qǐlái              Stand up


Asking permission in Mandarin:

老师,我要喝水                    Lǎoshī, wǒ yào hē shuǐ                  Teacher, I want to drink

老师,我要去洗手间            Lǎoshī, wǒ yào qù xǐshǒujiān        Teacher, I want to go toilet

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