Learning about Fruits and Veggies

            This week, 30 April to 4 May 2018, to support our current UOI “How the World Works”, toddler students learned about the roles of vegetables in our lives. On Monday, we made spinach soup with corns and carrots. Then, on Wednesday, we introduced more vegetables to the kids such as, cauliflowers, chayote, peppers, tomatoes, okra and pak choy. Instead of making some food, the kids made an artwork called Veggie Stamping. We cut off all the veggies and dip them in colourful paints to create different shapes. Everybody was very enthusiastic to try. And on Friday, toddler students had an outside school activity. The teachers took the kids to GS supermarket to buy fruits and veggies. It’s a fun learning activity to introduce the kids to lots of different fruits and veggies. They also can buy their favorite fruits and veggies and bring them home. They enthusiastically picked their favorite. The kids really enjoyed shopping for fruits and veggies with their friends. It was so much fun!

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