Last week, Grade 1 students invited Ibu Early, the PYP Coordinator as our story teller. Since the students are learning about types of stories (fairy tale, fable and legend) and also the elements of the stories (characters, settings, plot of the stories, etc), Ibu Early told fairy tales with the tittle “Goldilock and the Three Bears“. She told the stories in a very attractive and interactive, completed with the costumes and also invite three students to act as bears. The students were very happy and really engaged to the story telling time. They enjoyed it much. Thank you, Ibu Early.

This week, we invited another guest, Ibu Maria, ECE Principal, as the story teller to tell a legend story. She told the story of ” Legenda Roro Anteng dan Joko Seger” from Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. Ibu Maria did the story telling in a very interesting way. At first, she connected the story to the real life by showing the picture of her visits to Mount Bromo with the mount in the background to show that Mount Bromo and Mount Batok is exist and real. She also showed the location, the tradition of people who live near Mount Bromo, Tengger tribe, and even play the video of the detail look of Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. She shared many information about the places.

During the story telling time, the students were really put on their attention to listen to her. She visualized the story beautifully. It made the students actively shared their ideas and thoughts in the discussion time. A lovely story telling time for Grade 1 students. Thank you, Ibu Maria.

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