Learning about How Animals contribute to our Lives

               This week, 7 to 11 May 2018, to support our current UOI “How the World Works”, toddler students learned about the roles of animals in our lives. On Monday, we had a class photo session. On Wednesday, we discussed more of how animals contribute to our lives. The kids now know that some particular animals are used as food resources such as, cows and goats produce some milk, eggs are coming from hens, fish, cows, and chicken produce meat. Wool from sheep can produce sweaters and hats. Animals’ skin are used to produce leather shoes, leather jackets and leather bags. Some animals like, horses and cows are used as transportation tools for humans. After that, to understand more about the topic, we showed the kids how to boil eggs and together we enjoyed the eggs and some milk in the classroom. On Friday, the students learned about phonic sounds /u/ for umbrella, under, up, and /q/ for quail egg. After that the students had a P.E lesson. The teachers took the kids to Baby Gym classroom to do an activity. They prepared some obstacles to practice jumping with both feet and balancing their bodies. This activity is really good to improve their gross motor skills since it requires physical movement. The kids were really enthusiastic to try the game. They will get better at it with more practice. Good job, everyone!

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