Let’s workout together !

           Baby Gym students need to spend about 60 minutes in physical activity daily as exercise is very important for a healthy body. During May, we had a workout theme. We used three main songs to encourage students to become more active. They were ‘Body Movement’, ‘Topi Saya Bundar’ and ‘Move a Circle’. Besides that, they also imitated yoga movements before dancing and singing, such as: cobra, frog, and crab pose.

       We enhanced the learning experiences through doing exercise. In the first week, we had a waterplay activity. This was a challenging water workout for infants and their parents. We had a ‘tarik tambang’ game in the second week. This was a new and fun game for everyone. During the obstacles course, they practiced in crawling on the dome and bolster covered with mat, walking on the balancing beam and toy car racing.

         At the end of learning activity, they played parachute as usual. It included moving forward and backward, shaking in and out. They enjoyed it a lot.

Photo Collage Maker_h4RurkPhoto Collage Maker_HnoWLOPhoto Collage Maker_uutXyw

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