1819 Grade 4 – Who We Are (August 2018)

Welcome back to school!

For the first unit of inquiry of the year, we are going to explore this central idea:

Effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health.

Concepts:Function,Connection, Change.

Related Concepts: body system, interdependence, health

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How body systems work

  • How body systems are interdependent

  • Enhancing lifestyle for health


Listening and Speaking:

  •         Use a range of specific vocabulary and forms of grammar in different situations, indicating an awareness that language is influenced by purpose, audience and context
  •         Verbalize their thinking and explain their reasoning (Connection)
  •         Identify and expand on main ideas in familiar oral texts
  •         Organize thoughts and feelings before speaking


  •         Write for a range of purposes, both creative and informative, using different types of structures and styles according to the purpose of the writing
  •         Select vocabulary and supporting details to achieve desired effects(to inform, to entertain, to persuade, to explain)
  •         Organize ideas in a logical sequence paragraphs
  •         Use appropriate punctuation to support meaning
  •         Use a dictionary and thesaurus to check accuracy, broaden vocabulary and enrich their writing

Text Type: EXPOSITORY/PERSUASIVE, Descriptive writing


  •         Recognize the author’s purpose, for example to inform, entertain, persuade, instruct
  •         Use reference books, dictionaries, and computer and web-based applications with increasing independence and responsibility
  •         Know when and how to use the internet and multimedia resources for research

Walt – To write persuasive paragraphs about a healthy foods to persuade my peers to live a healthier lifestyle

WILF:  I can:

  1.          Find out how exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle
  2.          Find out about the nutritional value of healthy foods
  3.          Arrange my ideas in a logical format
  4.          Use my research to write a persuasive text in paragraphs

Bahasa Indonesia

Mendengar dan berbicara
Bertanya dan/ atau  menjawab pertanyaan tentang informasi yang disampaikan pembicara dengan memberikan tambahan dan elaborasi yang tepat secara detailMembaca
Menemukan makna dan informasi secara tepat dalam kamus atau ensiklopedia melalui membaca memindai.
1.menulis menggunakan huruf lepas yang dapat dibaca, dengan ukuran yang konsisten, membuat jarak yang sesuai diantara kata, serta di atas garis
2.menulis laporan sederhana yang terdiri atas 100 – 150 kata  dengan memperhatikan proses penulisannya ( merencanakan, membuat draft, merevisi, mengedit, menerbitkan.


Shapes and Space

Types of Triangles

  1.    Identifies the types of triangles
  2.    Draws triangles with given dimension
  3.    Investigates some properties of each type of triangles
  4.    Describres some properties of each type of triangles


Whole Number (5 digit numbers)

  1. Reads and writes  numbers 5 digit numbers
  2. Identifies place value and digit value of a number
  3. Writes numbers in expanded notation
  4. Compares and orders numbers or quantities
  5. Performs addition and subtraction of numbers
  6. Solves addition and subtraction word problems (use model/diagrams)
  7. Rounds off number to the nearest thousands or ten thousands
  8. Evaluates the reasonableness of the answers by estimating result


WALT: we are learning to sing children world song
•WILF : students can sing with right pitch, student can differentiate between world children song and pop song

Concept: Connection
in this unit the students will learn how to sing with right pitch, harmony, with the chosen song.


WALT : We are learning to create a poster about healthy lifestyle
WILF : Students able to use watercolor technique correctly, students use 2 colors gradation (min) in A3 Paper, students can create tidy artwork

support LOI 3
enhancing lifestyle for health

related concept : health


WALT: Human body systems contribute to health (Health related fitness). 


  • Component of physical fitness.
  • Components of health related fitness (Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition).
  • Components of skills related fitness (Balance, Power, Speed, Coordination).

Related concept: Body system and health


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