1819 Grade 6 – How the World Works (August 2018)


WALT : Singing in harmony.


  1. Singing in tune.
  2. Sing on correct beat.
  3. Listen each other.

Concept : Function

Students will start with refer back to their lesson on grade 5, about how to sing. They will continue with singing on different notes on different group (homophone).



WALT :  Students are learning to express their self through painting


  1. Demonstrate expressionist art
  2. Complete tools and Materials preparation
  3. Using Canvas size 30x40cm
  4. Tidy artwork
  5. Good composition
  6. Gradation combine
  7. Creative artwork; out of the box idea

LOI : Ways to express ourselves through arts

Key concept : Perspective



WALT: The importance of physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Identify and recognize the elements and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (rest, well-balanced nutrition, exercise etc).
  • Be aware of the importance of physical activity in daily life.
  • Recognize the physical changes that occur to their bodies when exercising.
  • Demonstrate safety when exercising.

Related concept: Force

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