1819 Grade 5 – Where We Are in Place and Time (July – August 2018)

Grade 5 UOI 1 : Where We Are in Place and Time

Our first unit of inquiry is about migration.The central idea is human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.
The key concepts are form, causation and connection.
The related concepts are diversity, settlement, population, geographical feature, opportunity.

The lines of inquiry are:

  1. What is means to migrate
  2. Provocations for migration
  3. The consequences of migration on nations and communities

The learner profile highlighted are communicators, risk-taker and open-minded

In Bahasa Indonesia lesson, we are going to learn about:

Mendengar dan Berbicara:

Mengungkapkan pikiran, pendapat, perasaan dan fakta secara lisan dengan menceritakan hasil pengamatan dan wawancara dari   narasumber dengan menggunakan berbagai kata tanya ( Apa , Siapa , Kapan , Dimana , Siapa , Mengapa , Bagaimana )


Membedakan fakta dan opini dan menyimpulkan informasi yang dianggap valid

Membandingkan isi dua teks yang dibaca dengan membaca sekilas

Menulis / Tata Bahasa :

Mengerti /  memahami dan mampu membuat :  Perintah , Kalimat Ajakan , Kalimat Permintaan dan Kalimat Pengharapan

Menggunaan awalan ber, ter, dan me dalam kalimat

Memahami fungsi awalan ber, ter, dan me dan menggunakannya  dalam kalimat

Menulis Karangan Eksposisi ( Laporan Sederhana Hasil Wawancara )  


Memahami struktur presentasi , cara membuat teks presentasi yang menarik dan etika dalam berpresentasi

In Mathematics, we are going to learn about:

Whole Number (Large number)

  1. Reads and writes large numbers
  2. Compares and order numbers or quantities
  3.    Rounds off number appropriately
  4.    Solves problems which involve the four operations using models/ diagram

Negative numbers

  1.    Learns the concept of negative numbers
  2.    Draws number line in 2 directions
  3.    Compares and orders numbers
  4.    Performs addition and subtraction which  includes negative number
  5.    Performs multiplication and division which includes negative number.

The order of operation

  1.    Select and use appropriate sequence of operations in mathematical statement involving the four operations

In ICT, we are going to learn about:

Creates a narrative stopmotion (ICT Integration with VA)

WALT: creates a narrative stop motion about the effects of migration.


  • Choose between manual and interval mode
  • Delete and add parts in a clip
  • Setup the speed
  • Create a simple stopmotion with classroom objects, duration: 2 minutes.



Rhythm is the basic of music


  1. Recognize sounds.
  2. Discover many beats
  3. Accommpany song using rhythm.

Concept : Form

Students will explore more about rhythm, using body percussion and daily materials.


大家好!!! 欢迎学生们回来到学校. ( August 2018 )

Hallo everyone, welcome back to the school ….

Grade 5 students will learn vocabulary about ” seasons ”  (including “summer”, “autumn” and others) through the following activities:

* writing vocabulary “han zi and pin yin” and meaning about seasons;
* reading these words;
* listening and talking about seasons; and
* describing own favorite season.


WALT : Students are learning to make a stop-motion artwork about challenges, risks and opportunities caused by human migration.


  1. Team work
  2. Minimum 2 A4 papers of storyboard template
  3. Make a storyboard properly
  4. Tidy and clean Storyboard (no tipe-x)
  5. Make the properties correctly

Key Concept : Form


WALT: Respond to challenges, risk & opportunities.


  • Develop coordination, manipulation, balance and spatial awareness.
  • Develop understanding of basic gameplay tactics such as formations.
  • Develop mental determination to succeed and improve performance.

Related concept: Opportunity


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