Grade 1 UOI 1 : Who We Are (31 July-31 August 2018)

Our first unit of inquiry is about balanced lifestyle.
The central idea is balanced lifestyle choices affect health and well-being.
The key concepts are causation, connection and reflection.
The related concepts are choices, well-being, health and balanced.
The lines of inquiry are:
– What it means to have a balanced lifestyle
– How the choices we make affect our health
– Evaluating personal daily habits and routines
The learner profile highlighted are principled, balanced and reflective.

In Bahasa Indonesia lesson, we are going to learn about:

Mendengar dan Berbicara:
Memberi salam dengan melakukan kontak mata dengan teman dan orang dewasa
Merespon salam dengan benar
Meminta ijin untuk melaku kan sesuatu dengan memperhatikan etika yang benar

Kalimat sederhana dengan pola SP(O)
menulis menggunakan huruf lepas yang dapat dibaca, dengan ukuran yang konsisten, membuat jarak yang sesuai di antara kata, serta di atas garis
mereview huruf kecil dan kapital

Tata Bahasa yang difokuskan:
kata kerja
Mengulang penulisan huruf kecil dan huruf kapital
Penggunaan huruf kapital
Huruf besar untuk nama orang, tempat hari dan bulan
Huruf besar di awal kalimat
Huruf besar untuk penulisan judul

In Mathematics, we are going to learn about:

Completes number pattern that differ by 1 or 2
Uses commutative law in addition
Uses associative law in addition

Whole Number Up to 10
Counts the number of objects in a set
Writes numbers to represent quantity
Counts forward and backward from an initial number
Matches number or quantities in different form
Compares number of objects in two sets
Constructs number in multiple ways (by combining or partitioning)
Combines numbers to make 10

Addition and subtraction up to 10
Identifies change in quantities because of increase or decrease
The meaning of addition (when objects are combined or quantities increased)
Create addition fact cards and practice
Addition that make 10
The meaning of subtraction (when objects is separated or quantities decreased)
Creates subtraction fact cards and practice
Subtract a number from 10

Ordinal Numbers
Use ordinal number (1st to 10th) to describe position of an object
Use ordinal numbers to determine objects or people eligible for something

In ICT, we are going to learn about:

Creates an e-book
WALT: Creates an e-book about balanced lifestyle
Add and format text using pen/text tool
Add images
Add video
Format pages



Introduction to airwave.


  1. Blow out and breath in
  2. Knowing the notes

Concept : Causation

Students will start to learn how to play airwave. In this instrument, they will learn that they able to produce different notes with blow and breath in their breathe.

Visual Art


Learning to make paper craft


Able to make sketch, to color and to use scissor

To support this unit students are learning to draw human figure and decorate the picture with their daily role (function/job), as a member of communities.


Physical Education

Key Concept : Connection
Learner Profile : Balanced, reflection

Students will learn how to do activity in water (swimming pool)

• Students will move in the water
• Students will learn how to breath in water activity



大家好!!! 欢迎学生们回来到学校. ( August 2018 )

Hallo everyone, welcome back to the school ….

Grade 1 students will learn about hanyu pinyin through the following activities:

* writing hanyu pinyin “shengmu and yinmu” and meaning about study;
* reading hanyu pinyin;



In English, we will be supporting the homeroom teachers with the UOI by looking closely at how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. We will do this by looking at the different types of food and the learners will make a food pyramid.

We will also focus on our reading and writing skills.


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