Welcome to EY 2 Academic Year 1819

Welcome parents and dear students to the academic year 2018 and 2019.

We are so glad to welcome you, all of the EY 2 community members. This year, we are going to spend time together in doing fun and exciting learning activities. We’ve planned the best learning-environment and -experiences so that it develops a very conducive learning process. By doing this, we can get successful teaching and learning achievements. However, still we need parents’ support and all of us to make it happen. Let’s work hand in hand 🤗

We are a big family since there are four classes in EY 2 level this year. Wow! Let’s meet the EY 2 teachers:

Ey 2 Earth:

Ibu Merly (merly@svp.sch.id) & Ibu Woro (woro.swastika@svp.sch.id)

Ey2 Jupiter :

Ibu Ann (marianne.clemence@svp.sch.id) & Ibu Putri (andriani@svp.sch.id)

Ey2 Mars

Ibu Wina (wina@svp.sch.id), Ibu Ovy (novyanti@svp.sch.id) & Ibu Ester (ester.desiana@svp.sch.id)

EY 2 Pluto

Ibu Fey (fenty.julianti@svp.sch.id) & Ibu Gisela (gisela@svp.sch.id)



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