Welcome to Grade 2 year of 2018/2019

Dear parents and students,

We are so happy to welcome you to grade 2 family. We are very excited to share the learning journey ahead with all of you, and to build good communication and relationship to make the learning experiences beneficial for all of us. You can find information related to our teaching-learning activities in this blog. Please feel free to communicate with us through our school e-mails below. Let’s make this year a successful one.


Grade 2 Merauke Homeroom Teachers:

Ibu Natalia Mia Meilany (mia@svp.sch.id)

Grade 2 Flores Homeroom Teachers:

Ibu Grace Maria A. Siagian (grace@svp.sch.id)

Grade 2 Sabang Homeroom Teachers:

Ibu Citra Dianingtyas (citra.dianingtyas@svp.sch.id)

Ibu Ignathasia Berliana Hutauruk (thasia@svp.sch.id)

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