EY 2 First Week of School

Welcoming the EY 2 new academic year, each school community member starts to prepare the upcoming journey along the year. The activities done should be meaningful, fun and memorable. Thus, EY 2 teachers and students spent time together to know each other and lived the IB learner profile of caring and open-minded in this first week of school.

The first week of school matters since it is the chance for teachers to approach the students into the learning situations so that the students can achieve the best learning improvement. By doing certain activities, the teachers can observe the student’s learning styles, personalities, and other important information about each students.

Here are some photos of the first week of school activities:

Parents and students activity (making a collage artwork)


Playing bubbles in the playground





Playing group game (transferring water)


Painting rainbow fish



Making oobleck (slime made of cornstarch flour)


Drawing on the wall




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