First and Second Week of 5th Grader

In the first week, to start the new  academic year of 2018-2019, we were set up the classroom agreement, talked about the daily routines and class procedures, and also we had discussion about learner profile.

For the first Unit of Inquiry, Grade 5 students will learn about “Migration”. As tuning in activity, students are asking to write their prior knowledge about what migration is. As the first further learning, teacher showed 2 videos of read out loud book with title The Name of Jar and Carly, A Refugee’s Story. The students wrote a new definition of migration based on the videos and compare it with previous one using T-chart (I used to know and now I know).


To start our first line of inquiry (what it means to migrate), students are asking to analyze some pictures provided. We use what?why?how? questions. After that we had class discussion and showing them a videos about migration and students were taking notes in their UOI notebook.








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