UOI -Are you a boy or a girl?

Nursery students learnt to recognize different personal characteristics, some of which are their body parts and own gender. They played ‘Brownie Says’ game where they should touch their body parts mentioned by Brownie.

The next day, they learnt to identify their own and other’s gender. Prior to this learning activity, they identify the concept similar and different by comparing two objects where they observed the colors and shapes. Then these little inquirers compared the boys’ and girls’ stuff including clothes, accessories, toys, etc. Some of the boys said that the batik dress shown was their mother’s and they couldn’t wear it because they are boys and their mothers are girls. Besides that, one of them said that a girl should wear the earrings too.

Through this learning experience they knew that a girl should wear a dress or skirt, wear earrings or have long hair; whereas a boy should wear pants and have short hair.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun & Moon

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