Grade 1 UOI 2: How the world works (3 Sept – 3 Oct)

Grade 1 second unit of inquiry is about management of waste.

Trans-theme How the World Works (An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.)
Central Idea The management of waste supports the sustainability of the environment.
Key Concepts Causation, Responsibility, Reflection
Related Concepts environment, management, system, waste
Lines of Inquiry
  • What cause waste
  • Why we need to manage waste
  • How we can protect the environment from waste
Learner Profiles Thinkers, Risk-takers, Caring
Trans-skills Thinking skills, Research skills


Subjects WALT WILF Exploring the concepts or related concepts
  1. What cause waste
  1. What waste is
  2. People’s action towards
  3. What cause waste
Causation, Responsibility, Reflection
  1. Why we need to manage waste
  1. Reasons why people separate waste
  2. The amount of waste nowadays
  3. The classification of waste
  4. the reasons we need to manage waste
  1. How we can protect the environment from waste
  1. Actions I can do with the waste
  2. The impact of unmanaged waste to the environment
  3. What we can do to protect the environment
ICT Creates and presents a presentation. (app: Haiku)
  1. Create a presentation on Keynote
  2. Add a new slide
  3. Choose a layout
  4. Insert and format images
  5. Insert and format text
  6. Check spelling
  7. Cite resources
Management, system
MATHS Addition and subtraction up to 20
  1. Adds number/quantities with result more than 10

2. Practices addition fact until 9 + 9

3. Adds three or more numbers/quantities

4. Subtracts numbers or quantities within 20

5. Finds the difference between two numbers or quantities

6.  Solves problems involving addition and subtraction

BAHASA INDONESIA/PKN Mendengar dan Berbicara:



  1. Bertanya dan/ atau  menjawab pertanyaan untuk mendapatkan bantuan, mendapat informasi, atau mengklarifikasi hal-hal yang tidak dimengerti
  2. Mengungkapkan ide sederhana dalam diskusi
  3. Mendeskripsikan benda atau bercerita secara runtut dengan bahasa yang benar dan santun
  1. Buku dengan lebih dari satu kalimat sederhana pada setiap halaman
  1. menulis kalimat sederhana dengan menggunakan pola S-P-O  (Subyek – Predikat – Obyek)
  2. persuasi (poster)
ENGLISH Identify ways to keep the environment clean.
  1. I can speak about keeping my school clean
  2. Write two sentences on how to keep our homes clean
  3. Make a poster on the different types of pollution
MANDARIN We learn about nature
  1. Able to describe nature in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone
  2. Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about nature
  3. Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about nature
Related Concept : Environment
VA Make rocket ship from small bottle (recycle materials)
  1. Able to make pulp paper
  2. Able to combine other materials
The management of waste
MUSIC Play songs with airwave 1.   Blow out and breath in

2.   Knowing the notes

3.   Sing the song

4.   Apply to a song

PE Learn freestyle of swimming
  1. Students will learn about legs movement
  2. Students will learn how to swim using board
  3. Students will learn how to slide in the pool
  4. Students will learn about strength activities
Management, System
DRAMA Creating:

identifies the characters through role play development


  • describes the dynamic connection between the audience and performance
  • displays audience etiquette and appropriate responses

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