1819 Grade 6 – Sharing the Planet (September 5th – October 3rd 2018)

For the second unit of inquiry under the theme of Sharing the Planet, we are going to focus on balanced biodiversity. The central idea is Biodiversity relies on maintaining the interdependent balance of organisms. The key concepts are change, connection, and responsibility. The related concepts are interdependence, biodiversity, balance, and organisms. 

The lines of inquiry are:

  • Ways in which ecosystems, biomes and environments are interdependent
  • How human interaction with the environment can affect the balance of systems
  • The consequences of imbalance within ecosystem

The highlighted learner profiles are: inquirers, communicators, and risk-takers

The highlighted transdiciplinary skills are: thinking skills and social skills.


BAHASA INDONESIA: Untuk mendukung konsep koneksi (connection) dan rasa tanggung jawab (responsibility), pelajaran bahasa Indonesia pada unit 2 akan membahas:

  • Mendengar dan berbicara: memerhatikan etika yang benar. (Wawancara kakak kelas mengenai persiapan ujian nasional);
  • Membaca: Membaca karangan persuasi;
  • Menulis: Menulis karangan persuasi yang terdiri atas 150-200 kata dengan memerhatikan proses mengarang.


ENGLISH: To support our Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet we will be participating in a novel study of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This will give us a chance to explore through fiction the issues of relationships between communities access to equal opportunities.


ICT: In line with the concepts of connection and responsibility, students will create an infographic about biodiversity. In this activity, students will learn to present simple yet complete information in a visually interesting product.


PKn: Untuk mendukung konsep koneksi (connection) dan rasa tanggung jawab (responsibility), pelajaran PKn pada unit 2 akan membahas tugas dan pemerintahan daerah, yang mencakup:

  • Memahami nilai-nilai persatuan dan kesatuan bangsa dalam kesatuan pemerintahan, wilayah, sosial, dan budaya;
  • Memahami saling ketergantungan dalam membangun kehidupan kebangsaan;
  • Menyajikan realita keberagaman untuk mendorong saling ketergantungan dalam membangun dan mengokohkan kehidupan kebangsaan.


MATH: To support the concept of connection, students will learn to read and present data in pie charts. They will also learn to apply the concept of perimeter and area of circle in given circles. In addition to that, they will also measure the volume of cylinders and compound shapes.


MUSIC: To support the related concept of interdependence, students will start to sing in harmony on different beat (poliphony).


PE: To support the concept of change, students are going to learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (rest, well-balanced nutrition, exercise etc), the importance of physical activity in daily life and recognize the physical changes that occur to their bodies when exercising.

VA: To support the related concept of biodiversity, students are going to learn to create a diorama about biodiversity.

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