ECE Independence Day Celebration “Unity in Diversity”

ECE students celebrated the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day at school. The participants were toddler, nursery, EY 1 and EY 2 students. We were so glad to see the enthusiasm both from the students and parents. The aim of this event was to raise the students awareness of their characteristics and differences so that they can live in a diverse community. By doing this, they can build tolerance from a very young age.

On Monday, 2Oth August 2018 Toddler and Nursery students came to school in red and white outfits. The students played the games and competitions happily, they were flag race, block race, ball race, marble race and tug of war. All of the activities ran well since all of the students participated with enthusiasm.

On the second day, Tuesday, 21st August 2018, EY 1 and EY 2 students were invited to wear Indonesian traditional costumes to school. The first activity they did in the morning was the flag raising ceremony. All of the students experienced their very first flag raising ceremony. They lived the learner profile open-minded since they participated by doing their roles properly and they could sing the songs “Indonesia Raya” and “Hari Merdeka” enthusiastically. After that, they performed in their traditional costume as best as they could on the stage. It was great to see the confidence shown by the students. Next was the traditional costume parade. Parents were invited to come and see the parade.

Before going home, all of the students created an artwork so that they could take it home as a souvenir. Everybody was so happy.

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