ICT-Template for Simple Machine Presentation

To complete their Ujian Praktek IPA, students need to create  a Powerpoint presentation about their simple machine. Below are slides they have to complete for students project presentation.

Slide 1 : Students have to put the title of the project and their full name.

Slide 2 : Students have to put WALT and WILF.

Slide 3 : Plan of the machine (put the picture of plan sketching).

Slide 4 : The function of the project(explain what the machine used for).

Slide 5 : Materials & Tools(may put pictures of the materials & tools or the list).

Slide 6  : Steps to make it(put pictures / videos / lists in order).

Slide 7 : The types of simple machines applied (put pictures / explanation).

Slide 8 : The forces applied (put pictures / explanation).

Slide 9 : Final Result (put picture of the final result)

Slide 10 : How it works (put videos of your project)

Slidee 11 : Resources

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