On Friday, 31st of August toddlers started to learn about Letters knowledge as one of the steps to develop their pre-reading skills. According to Sarah Punkoney, Letter knowledge is understanding that letters look different from one another and have their own name and sound (https://stayathomeeducator.com/pre-reading-skills-how-to-prepare-your-child-to-learn-to-read/). First letter that they learned was “Aa” and the sound of the letter was /a/. As usual, they began the lesson with the song and the song that we sang was ABC song.

One of the characteristics of toddlers are visual. So usually the teachers use toys, replica or real objects as teaching aids which have the same beginning sounds as the letter that they learn on that day. The toys were airplane, ant and apple. First, the teachers introduced the beginning letter of the object and the sound of it. Then they showed the object and asked them to repeat after the teachers. The teachers asked the students to decorate the apple picture with the red crumple paper as the activity.



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