1819 Grade 2 – How The World Works (September 3rd – October 3rd, 2018)

Transdisciplinary theme: How The World Works

An inquiry into the natural world and its laws; the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

Central Idea:

Survival depends on responses to patterns of change in the natural environment.


Form, Causation, Connection

Related Concepts:

Environment, Migration, Hibernation, Seasons

Lines of Inquiry

  • Differentiating between weather, seasons and climate.
  • The causes of change to weather, seasons and climate.
  • The responses of living things to seasons and changes in climate



  1. Uses calendars to determine the date, to identifies the day sequence in a week and months in a year
  2. Reads the time to 5 minutes
  3. Draws hands on the clock to show time
  4. Finds duration of hours and half hour from o’clock
  5. Finds starting or ending time of an activity

Multiplication and Division by 2 and 5

  1. Solves repeated addition problem of 2 and 5
  2. Uses the multiplication symbol (×) to write mathematical about repeated addition
  3. Creates multiplication tables of 2 and 5 and commit it into memory
  4. Solves problems involving multiplication of 2 and 5
  5. Uses sharing and grouping to divide a quantity into 2 or 5 equal sets
  6. Uses the division symbol (÷) to write mathematical statement about grouping into equal sets
  7. Solves problems involving multiplication and division by 2 and 5
  8. Differentiates odd and even numbers

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (BSI):

  • Mendengarkan dan memahami teks Pendek tentang keberagaman individu.
  • Menceritakan kembali tentang keberagaman individu di kelas & keluarga.
  • Menyimpulkan isi cerita pendek.
  • Menjawab pertanyaan dengan kalimat lengkap.

Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan (PKn):

WALT: Keberagaman Individu

WILF: Keberagaman individu di lingkungan sekolah dan keluarga

Information and Communication Technology (ICT):

WALT: Records a reporting video


  1. record a video
  2. Add image
  3. Add text
  4. Add theme music
  5. cite the resources by capturing the screens


WALT: Write a report about how living things respond to different climates.


  • Introduces the topic as a start
  • Organizes topics into paragraphs
  • Uses simple conclusion


WALT: Learning about seasons.


  • Able to describe season in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone.
  • Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about season.
  • Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about season.

Visual Art:

WALT: Painting about all four seasons.


  • Able to identify each season
  • Able to draw them
  • Able to use some painting method

Performing Art (PA):

WALT: Play songs with airwave.


  • Blow out and breath in.
  • Knowing the notes.
  • Sing the song.
  • Apply to a song.

Physical Education (PE):

WALT: Track and field (Athletic)


  • Students will learn techniques starts position of running
  • Students will apply  technique of running and sprinting properly.
  • Students will run in long duration


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