We Can Smell With Our Nose


Why is it important to have discussions with Toddlers? According to Raising children network, talking with babies and children from birth is important because it builds your child’s language and communication skills. These are important skills for life. Talking with your child doesn’t have to be a big deal – just chatting about everyday things is a great start (http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/talking_with_babies_toddlers.html)

On Wednesday, 5th September 2018 Toddlers had an interesting discussion about the function of nose. After they sang some songs then the teachers directed the students to the prior-knowledge about the function of nose by asking some questions:

T: Who knows what is the function of your nose / What can you do with your nose?

Siapa yang tahu hidung itu dipakai untuk apa ya? (by demonstrating the movement of smelling)

S1: Buat makan (for eating)

T: For eating? and how do you eat using your nose? Is it like this (by demonstrating the movement of eating using nose)

S1: No, (laughing)

T: What about the others, who knows what is the function of your nose?

Siapa yang tahu hidung itu dipakai untuk apa ya?

S2: Cium (for smelling)

T: you are right, that is one the functions of our nose

Then the toddler continued the lesson with bottles smelling activity. There were 3 kinds of  smells that the teachers provided inside those bottles, they were cajuput oil, cologne and coffee mocha. First the teachers showed them how to smell. Then, they asked the students whether they liked the smells or not and which one was their favorite one. The teachers were so happy to see them participating actively during discussion. Well done Toddlers.




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