Playing with 3D Shapes..

Nursery students learnt to 3D shapes; cube, cuboid, cone, sphere and cylinder. Hands on activities really helped the students retain the tricky concept.

Students should be able to differentiate those 5 main 3D shapes. To make the students familiar with those 3D shapes, we used some fun activities to learn about 3D objects.

  1. Placed different 3D objects into a basket and had the children describe them by touching and rubbing the objects.
  2. Experimented to see the difference of those objects. Worked in pairs to build some simple bigger objects using those 3D shapes.
  3. Treasure hunted for 3D shapes. Using fun game children helped the students understand 3D shapes concepts more easily.
  4. Compared and sorted those certain 3D shapes with real life 3D objects.
  5. Mold 2 spheres to make a snowman.
  6. Build something from cube and cuboid blocks.

Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun and Moon

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