1819 Nursery – How We Express Ourselves (24 September – 16 November 2018)

Central idea:

Through play we communicate and develop new understandings.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Our interactions with others during play
  • The importance of fair play
  • Ways we can play through playing


  • function
  • causation
  • responsibility

Related Concepts

  • fair play
  • communication
  • conflict
  • safety


Unit of inquiry

For this unit, Nursery students will have so much fun through playful learning. They will have understanding that through playing we can interact with others (communication skill) and develop new understanding such as, knowing the rules of games (thinking skill) and the importance of fair play (social skill).



To support the form concept, Nursery students are going to learn about the concept of ‘More/Less than’ or ‘Equal to’. Students will be exposed to comparing the quantity of the objects. They also will improve their Math skill which focus on Pattern A-B-A-B. Students will be exposed to extending pattern A-B-A-B using the real objects in the classroom.


Nursery students learn about Rhymes. They will join in rhymes and repeated phrases in shared books. Furthermore, they will have experiments with writing using different writing implements and media. We  will use sand, flour, coffee powder, etc to be our media of writing.

Physical Education

Students are going to exercise to demonstrates coordination, manipulation and balance by participating in some games. They will also learn about the importance of physical activities by doing some exercises regularly. They will play team work activities to develop their motor skills as well.

Visual Art

Along this unit, Nursery students will have painting, drawing and print-making. They will take responsibility for their own and other’s safety in their working environment. They also will identify the materials and processes used in the creation of an art-work.


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