d..d..d duck

Children learn best trough play. As early childhood educators, Toddler teachers must be able to provide a fun yet engaging and meaningful activity for the students.

On Friday, 21st of September 2018, Toddlers learned about letter ‘d’ and objects begin the sound of ‘d’ such as duck, dog and dice. To make it more interesting, the teachers created a simple yet engaging play-based learning activity for the students.  So,  on that day, the teachers provided some containers with a lot of rubber duckies swimming in the water.

They asked the students to rescue the ducks by scooping them using the spoons. While doing it the teachers kept on singing the phonics song of the letter ‘d’.  The lyric was “duck..duck..d, d, d..duck..duck..,d, d, d. So that the students would memorize the song easily.


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