Sequence : 24 September – 16 November 2018

Central Idea :

People play different roles in the community.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The roles of people who are part of the community
  • How communities are organized
  • My roles and responsibilities as a community member

Concepts :Function, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts : Community, Roles

In this unit, students are going to inquire into roles people have in the community. They are going to explore different kinds of occupations, the role and responsibilities of each occupation and how they work together in the community. In this unit, students will also learn that they have their role and responsibilities in the community.


To support the concept of connection, students are going to have more exploration on books. They will listen  and respond to picture books, showing pleasure, and demonstrating their understanding through gestures, expression and/or words. They are going to learn to understand simple questions and respond with actions or words. These learning experiences will improve their listening and speaking skills. For reading skills, students are going to join in with chants, poems, song, word games and clapping games. Children will also learn to read and understand familiar print from the immediate environment, for example signs, advertisements, logos, ICT iconography.


EY 2 students are going to learn to represent addition and subtraction with objects, drawing, verbal explanations, or word problems. This is to support the concept of connection. To support the concept of function, students are going to learn to create pictograph and tally marks.They also will compare objects with a measurable attribute in common,describe the difference and use the term longer, the longest,shorter,the shortest,taller,the tallest,hotter, the hottest,more, the most,etc.

Visual Arts

EY 2 students are going to participate in individual and collaborative creative experiences, to support the concept of responsibility and the related concept of roles. They are also going to learn how to describe what they notice about an artwork. They take responsibilities for the care of tools and materials.


To support the concept of connection and function, EY 2  students are going to learn how to read, write, and perform simple musical patterns and phrases. They are going to learn to describe the ideas and feelings communicated through body movement. They will move freely through different space to show levels of low, medium and high, and change of direction.


In this unit, EY 2 students are going to learn a variety of basic movement (tiptoe, jump, crawl, skip, gallop, etc). They are learning to change speed and direction of movement, maintain body control, and to be aware of the importance of physical activities.They will also learn how to handle small equipment using various body parts. This is to support the concept of function.


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