1819 Grade 4 – UOI 2 Expert Visit

           In this unit, grade 4 students are in the process of exploring the government system in our country, Indonesia. Specifically they are learning about the government 3 separation power – Legislative, Executive and Judicial- altogether with the roles of each power over Indonesia people.

In supporting this UOI 2 central idea, we invited some officers from Prosecutor Office of Cikarang District on Friday, September 14th, 2018 to share further insight and explanation about our government, their functions, their components and how they run their roles among the Indonesian citizen community. One of the speakers was Pak Ibnu, the attorney who has many experiences dealing with impeaching officials due to the criminal actions happened in community.

          The Prosecutor’s officers also shared the basic knowledge of drug abuse that is found among our young generation and its impact the future if this country. It was informed that one of the roles of our government is set up some laws in regulating the drug abuse action in our country. Grade 4 students also learned some preventive ways to keep them away and safe from the drug abuse.

          While listening to the presentation attentively, grade 4 students also took notes about important and new information on a sheet of paper provided by the teachers. There was also the “question-answer session” when the students were encouraged to propose their curiosity through some questions related to the topic discussed. Some gifts were given to some students as the reward of their effort asking questions.

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