EY1 Mandarin 24-28 September 2018

This Monday is Chinese Mid-Autumn festival. So in the class EY1 students listened to the story about it. This week they also learned about number 1-7 in Mandarin.

Mandarin words for EY1:

一                                Yī                                            One

二                                Èr                                            Two

三                                Sān                                         Three

四                                Sì                                            Four

五                                Wǔ                                          Fives

六                                Liù                              Six

七                                Qī                                Seven

八                                Bā                               Eight

九                                Jiǔ                               Nine

十                                Shí                             Ten

Song EY1:

幸福拍手: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9j9r1oQ48c&t=7s


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