SEL – Learning about Emotions with The Colour Monster

Today the Colour Monster is feeling very mixed up. He is yellow, blue, red, black and green all at one. Can you help him?”

That was the question at the beginning of a story during Social Emotional Learning (SEL) session with Ibu Maria in the last week of September. The students listened to a story entitled “The Colour Monster” by Anna Llenas. It was a picture book that allows the students to identify and explore feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, calm and fear.

The story then continued that the Colour Monster has a friend who helps him to see that the colours are his feelings, and he can sort them out by identifying each one separately and understanding how it makes him feel. While listening to the story, the students learned identify different kinds of feeling, what caused the feelings and how to express the feelings appropriately.

Before the session ended, Ibu Maria shared the “Feelings Check-in Chart” to be used in the class by the students. The chart came with clips with the students’ name. Having this chart in the class, the students can continuouslyIMG_8900 learn to identify the feelings they are feeling by attaching their clips next to the emotion.

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