1819 Grade 4 – Typing with Ten Fingers (ICT)

In this 4th grade, students start to complete their tasks or homework using Microsoft Document or Google Slides which clearly needs a good typing skill. For this reason, students begin to build their basic typing skill by learning to type using ten fingers during ICT lesson. They learn this skill by practicing the correct finger positions on the computer keyboards which will strongly help them to be able to work efficiently.





Students was so excited having this kind of unique learning experience. As their first implementation of this 10 fingers method, using their own laptop or notebook, they were asked to write a simple and encouraging letter to their friends. Through “Typing Club” application students were also experiencing some interactive games which engaged their 10 fingers method to win the games. They might move to the higher level of game once they have completed their job well.  What a great and fun learning experience the students had! =)







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