EY2 Mandarin 1-4 October 2018

This week EY2 students learned about how to describe their physical appearance. They learned how to say their name. They also learned to say whether they are a boy or a girl and whether they have short or long hair.

Mandarin words for EY2:

我叫                            Wǒ jiào                                              My name is

我是男生                    Wǒ shì nánshēng                            I am a boy

我是女生                    Wǒ shì nǚshēng                              I am a girl

我的头发短短的        Wǒ de tóufǎ duǎn duǎn de            My hair is short

我的头发长长的        Wǒ de tóu fǎ cháng cháng de       My hair is long

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