Grade 1 UOI 3 “Where We Are In Place And Time” (15 Oct – 23 Nov 2018)

Trans-theme Where We Are In Place and Time (An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives)
Central Idea We seek a place where we have a sense of belonging.
Key Concepts Function, change, Perspective
Related Concepts adaptation,


Lines of Inquiry ●     What it means to belong

●     Ways to adapt to challenges in new places

●     Thoughts and feelings about places

Learner Profiles Risk-takers, Open-minded, Reflective
Trans-skills Social skills, Communication skills
Subjects WALT WILF Exploring the concepts or related concepts
  1. What it means to belong
  2. Ways to adapt to challenges in new places
  3. Thoughts and feelings about places
  1.  List down the things belong to them.
  2. Invite the children to imagine what it would be like  “ if there was no school”
  3. Fill in I belong in my class paper.
  4. Provide different pictures of places: class, house, mall, and playground. (question: which place that makes you comfortable?) (Formative 2)
  5. Sharing what it means to belong.
  6. Give the examples.
  7. Sharing the challenges I face in the new places.
  8. Sharing the ways to adapt to challenges in a new place.
Function, Perspective, Responsibility




ICT Creates a short video using a video editing application (clips)


●        Recording a short video about new class/new school.

●        Editing video (voice, music, simple caption, etc.)



MATHS ●     Length, mass, capacity and area

●     Data presentation (pictograph)

●     Basic 2D and 3D shapes


●       Describe and compares attributes of real objects (long, short, tall, high, heavy, light, cold, hot, etc)

●       Creates pictograph from students’ favorite color, activities, etc.

●       Reads and interprets data presented in pictograph

●       Identifies and classifies basic 2D and 3D shapes.



BAHASA INDONESIA/PKN Mendengar dan berbicara












Mendengar dan Berbicara:

●                           Melaksanakan perintah/dua perintah yang diberikan secara bersamaan

●                           Menceritakan identitas diri dengan lebih detail dan mengungkapkan perasaan dan pikiran dalam kelompok kecil atau besar


●         Buku sesuai dengan levelnya




Tata Bahasa yang difokuskan:

●        kalimat tanya

●         Penggunaan tanda baca

●         Tanda tanya untuk mengakhiri kalimat tanya

●         Apa/apakah

●         Siapa

●         Kapan

●         Kemana

●         Dimana

●         dan

●         kata hubung (kemudian, lalu)

●         ingin, akan


ENGLISH   ●     Reading a book about belonging.

●     Share orally their understanding of belonging.

●     Write sentences about how they feel when they are at a place they have never been before.

●     Create a family crest.

MANDARIN We learn about part of body


–   Able to describe part of body in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone

–   Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about part of body

–   Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about part of body


Related Concept : Belonging

Making photo frame


  1. Able to use mix materials and attach them together
  2. Able to paint

Play songs with airwave and other instrument.



1.   Blow out and breath in

2.   Knowing the notes

3.   Sing the song

4.   Apply to a song

PE Move and change direction directly


●        Students will learn locomotor movement (Walking, galloping, jumping, hopping, side-sliding, leaping and skipping)

●        Students will learn about many kind of movement s about swinging, swaying, turning twisting without or with equipments


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