It’s all about myself

              The theme for Baby Gym classes in September 2018 was “Myself”. One of the concepts they learned was to differentiate between boys and girls. The students were also introduced to some new songs such as  Skidamarink,  Aku Sayang Semua and STOP.  

                In the first week of September, they had a mirror play activity to improve their hand-eye coordination.  We also had the activity to nurture Bahasa Indonesia as our mother tongue.   The students tried to introduce themselves in front of the mirror by simply saying in Bahasa Indonesia, “Halo, aku Cheri, aku anak perempuan” for instance. In the second week of September, they had a game where they had to listen to and follow instructions from the teachers,  for example: boys are supposed to jump and girls are supposed to crawl.

              We also had yoga session where the students enthusiastically imitated some poses that were demonstrated by the teacher. As part of their learning experiences in the obstacle game, students practiced their gross motor skills by jumping on the trampoline, walking on the foot step, crawling in the tunnel set, and walking on the balancing beam. For refining their fine motor skills, they also tip-toed on the parachute with some bean bags to step on.  

          As the closing activity, students played with the parachute by moving it in and out, front and back, throwing colorful balls and also playing with the flashlight. The children enjoyed it so much! It was so much fun!

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