Literacy Fortnight: Story Telling and Hand Puppet Making

SVP Primary School was having Literacy Fortnight event from October 15 until October 26, 2018. There were various literacy activities prepared for the students during the two weeks. One of the activities done by grade 2 students on Monday, October 15 was listening to a story telling performed by Kak Arya and making hand puppets  which was also guided by Kak Arya. In the beginning, the students were asked to have a little exercise by dancing the Tooty Ta song which was very funny and makes the situation warmed up. After that, Kak Arya performed the story telling using a big hand puppet named Fatimah. Students were also involved to make certain noises and created two-way interactions between the story teller and the audiences. The last activity was making a hand puppet, guided by Kak Arya. It was a lot of fun!


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